Thursday, August 01, 2013

What to wear in India

Since staying in Hyderabad, India, I 've had the chance to observe the local fashion and traditions in apparel. When walking down the street you get to see women wearing  colourful sari draped over the body in various styles. Or kurta which can be worn by men or women. Nowadays Indian men seem to dress like Europeans, however most of the women remain wearing the traditional sari on the streets, or in the shops. The culture prohibits wearing short clothes on he streets. However, young women  follow the Western trends- usually in clubs and restaurants you can find lot of women dressed in jeans, shirts or even shorts and short dresses.

When shopping in Hyderabad you can get some Western brands but in most of the shops they place importance on different variations of traditional clothing.
Some examples what you can find in the stores:

Beautiful bridal sari:
When travelling around India you don't necessarily have to be dressed in sari or kurta, wearing jeans or t-shirts is completely ok, as long as legs are covered. However, visiting different places may require different clothing. When entering the temple for example you cannot wear open chest tops, the chest, arms and legs must be covered. On the other hand when being invited to a party you are more than welcome to come around in short dress. Depending on where you're going or who you going to meet you need to adjust between the ''yours'' and local fashion.


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