Tuesday, June 18, 2013

End of skinny models?

About time!
NEW YORK — Vogue magazine officialy annouced: There will be no more work for underaged and skinny models. The 19 editors of Vogue magazines around the world made a pact to project the image of healthy models, according to a Conde Nast International announcement Thursday.They agreed to "not knowingly work with models under the age of 16 or who appear to have an eating disorder," and said they will ask casting directors to check IDs at photo shoots and fashion shows and for ad campaigns.
Looks like the era of unhealty ideal of superskinny models is coming to its end. 
The era which was bringing for years the ideal of superskinny body to be considered beautiful and caused  models dying from anorexia and milions of young girls with damaged confidence, who believed to be ugly just because their weight wasn´t below a certain Body Mass Index.A good friend of mine, who is a model  and myself often encountered the problems set up by this standard where everything above size 0 was considered "overweight".  Still there will be unhealty standart remaining, but it´s a big step.
American, French, Chinese and British editions of the fashion glossies are among those that will start following the new guidelines with their June issues; the Japanese edition will begin with its July book.
The primary fashion organizations in Italy and Spain banned catwalk models who fall below a certain Body Mass Index level, and earlier this year, Israel's government passed an anti-skinny-model law.

Still, there is persistent criticism that the fashion world creates a largely unattainable and unhealthy standard that particularly affects impressionable young girls and we can hardly expect coming back to the ideal of Rubens´sThree Graces. Or could that happen, that the world will turn to another extreme? In the history there were different types of beauty, not to mention that everybody consideres different things pretty.

In the end the real beauty comes from inside.  

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