Monday, June 24, 2013

Success is a dream

There are two ways how to become succesful or even famous. Luck or hard work. In the first case there is not much you can do. It´s just like the lottery. You either get the numbers or not. But in the second case is a little bit different.

I have been recently asked to write down an article about my favourite designer. My choice couldn´t be anybody else but Coco Chanel, the french designer who brought about a true fashion revolution. We all know what she manifested in the world of fashion: created timeless style, relieved the female silhouette from corset and created legendary little black dress, Chanel No 5 and Chanel suit. Her work and life was truly admirable, although she started out from nothing.

Born in a poor family and brought up in an orphanage after her mother´s dead she we went through a lot of difficulties until she buit up the the empire which now carries her name. Her work and life inspired millions of women.

The world of ( not only )  fashion is full of people who achieved their dreams by working hard and not giving up in the times of misery. Well, true some of the famous people were discovered by coinsidence and the factor here was pure luck. Let´s forget about the "lucky" ones and focus on people who have been truly working hard to achieve their goals. There are so many examples in the history, just mentioning a few: Napoleon Bonaparte, Albert Einstein, Mother Teresa. We don´t need to search among great names to find little heroes who create this world better, or just fight for their dreams. In any industry. During my modelling assigment in London I was fortunate to work with some really great creatives and interesting individuals. Among them was Lisette Mibo, a BEFFTA Award and Congolese Award winning model from Congo, who is using a well earned platform as a model tocreate positive change inher home country. Or another beautiful modelof colour and a friend of mine Estelle Digridi, who became successful after a long time of trying and hard work.

You might be working in a completely different industry but surely you know at least one person ( and it doesn´t necessarily have to be someone suppersuccesfulor famous) who you respect and admire for their achievements and look up to.   

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